Prepare Your Boy for Manhood

Boys need our support to become open young men who are engaged with the beautiful world around them...and eventually aligned, loving and mature men.  Our Mission at Sonz Youth is to provide 'Support and Celebrate the Transition from Boyhood to manhood' for boys across the US and beyond.  

We actualize that mission by providing transformational experiences for young men ages 11 to 19 years old.  These gatherings can be small and large, local and national.  Check our events listed below to find the next in-person event for your boy!

 Our virtual and in-person programs answer the core developmental needs of today's youth in a structure that keeps them engaged and connected, while sourcing good-willed mentors from the Sacred Son's men's community.  Sonz Youth is a subsidiary of the Sacred Sons Men's community where we offer transformational programs for men around the world.  

Boys who participate in Sonz Youth report the following:

Feeling more social self-confidence.

Trusting themselves when making their own decisions.

Feeling more aware of their feelings and equipped to handle strong emotions.

Having healthier self image.

Feeling less shy and more socially engaged.


Sonz Youth Regional Immersions

Local, Consistent, Impactful


Announcing Sonz Youth Regional Immersions!  These 2-day gatherings for young men ages 11-19 years are held over weekends, and are an opportunity for your young man to experience a sacred container of masculinity in your local area!

These powerful and accessible gatherings will be held throughout the year and the continental US.  Check below to see the dates and locations of our upcoming Regional Immersions!


At this special event your young man will learn:


Emotional Self-Regulation




Anti-bullying tactics for self and others


He will also experience:

Trust in peers

Positive male role models both younger and older

Traditional circle dynamics

Sacred space

Nature time

Cold plunge



Los Angeles, California

April 13-14, 2024


The Sonz Youth Regional Immersion is a powerful, local weekend experience with no overnight.   You will drop off and pick up your young man each day. You will receive a packing list when you register.

This event will take place April 13 - 14 at a private camp in Altadena, California from 9 am to 6 pm.  Directions will be sent when you register.




Agassiz, B.C. Canada

April 20-21, 2024


The Sonz Youth Regional Immersion is a powerful, local weekend experience with a single overnight.

This event will take place April 20 - 21 at the amazing Abundance Community Farm in Agassiz, British Columbia.

Abundance arms is 1 hour and 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. They have indoor camp-style sleeping arrangements with bunkbeds, and a fantastic farm space, and are surrounded luscious nature. 




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