Supporting and Celebrating the Transition from Boyhood to Manhood

As the world is shaken up, our young men need guidance, connection and positive male role models more than ever.  Simultaneously the world is in dire need of mature, healthy young people to lead us into the future.

Sonz Youth is a Youth Mentoring and Rites of Passage Program where we support young men to become stewards of the future!  

We offer Virtual and In-Person Group Mentoring Programs to bring young men out of isolation and into connection...with their deep self, their peers and caring mentors!

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In-Person Adventures

Young Men need visceral experience in nature, simple ceremony and the affirming presence of older men in order to see themselves clearly and step into their right place in the world.  

Without this, they may withdraw, isolate and continue to display developmentally immature behaviors. 

Our in-person gatherings bring all of these elements to create life-changing experiences they will remember forever.

Youth Convergence 2024

Virtual Programs

As boys approach their teen years and move towards becoming men, they need clear models of the challenges and joys of this journey.

Our virtual programs are designed to help teenage boys get a clear picture of the man they are going to become and how their gifts and behaviors impact those around them.  This change in perspective allows them to develop an authentic sense of personal identity and find a critical sense of belonging to a community beyond their nuclear family. 

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The next Beginning Mentor Training is June 1 & 2, 2024!


Are you interested in becoming a positive male role model for young men?  It doesn't mean you have to be perfect, or teach them, or have it all figured out.  Quite the opposite.  

When you share your inner experiences with young men, your thoughts, feelings, struggles and stories that made you who you are today it imparts more than you could ever teach.  

The Sonz Youth Mentorship Training program offers virtual and in-person opportunities for you to learn, train and show up for youth across the country.  The Sacred Sons of the future! 


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