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Become a Sonz Youth Mentor!

We provide programs, support and training for men with the inspiration to become a Volunteer Mentor, or even a Lead Mentor in our programs.  

We're here to support and celebrate the transition from boyhood to manhood.  A healthy manhood that gives back to the village more than it takes.  Our goal is also to make giving back to these young men as meaningful and as simple as possible for you.  As men working hard to make ourselves and the world better, giving back can be a crucial part of that cycle.  


How to Get Involved:

1. Enroll in the Mentorship Training.


2. Submit a Background Check.


3. Join a Pod of Mentors for a Cohort or join the Quest calls!


Sonz Youth Mentorship Training

This powerful training is an introduction to space holding and eventually facilitation within the youth program. Once you’re sure you want to become a Sonz Youth Mentor, sign up for our online mentor training. It’s a 5 hour, one day training over Zoom and is a powerful self-development/healing experience all on its own. By attending this training and volunteering as a Sonz Youth Mentor, you will not only heal some of the relationship with your own inner child, you will again gain invaluable skills of facilitation that can be used in any area of your life.









Have questions about becoming a Mentor?

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The Mentor Scholarship Program

Do you want to be a Mentor but don't have the means to afford the Training?  We're committed to providing 1 in 5 men with scholarships to attend of our trainings so that all qualified men can become a mentor regardless of circumstances.

Apply for a full or partial scholarship here.

Apply for a Scholarship 


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Make a Donation  to Contribute to our Programs!

In all of our programs we are committed to a 1:1 program model.  That means that for every young man we enroll, we offer a scholarship for a young man who can't afford to attend.

This is possible thanks to our partnership with the Sacred Sons Foundation and our generous supporters.  

Make a donation today to support a boy or boys in joining our programs!  Your donation is fully tax deductible as the Sacred Sons Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.


We are a direct giving organization, which means that 100% of donations go directly to their designated program.

Want to Contribute in another way?  

Besides becoming a Volunteer Mentor or making a donation, we accept many other forms of support.  Facilities for events, goods and services, referrals to foundations, grants and other funding sources are welcome.  

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