September 8 - 14, 2024



On the Sonz Youth & Passage Expeditions Boundary Waters Canoe Expedition, 2 Mentors and 7 Young Men will journey 33 miles via canoe and on foot, paddling, camping, portaging, fishing and exploring through the legendary Boundary Waters.  The Boundary Waters is a sacred and pristine wilderness area located in the northern forests of Minnesota and Ontario.  This exciting adventure for young men ages 14 - 19 years will surely be a life changing experience!






Embarking on a Boundary Waters canoe passage holds immense significance for young men today. In an ever-connected world filled with constant distractions and pressures, there is a profound need for authentic connection to Self and the world. An unparalleled way to access this is through wilderness-based experiences with peers and Mentors.  The journey through the wilderness serves as a crucial opportunity for them to disconnect from the virtual and embrace the real, to let go of superficialities and tap into their authentic sense of themselves at a pivotal time in their development.

In a society that often emphasizes competition and individualism, this passage offers a chance for these young men to forge genuine connections, not just with each other but also with the land that sustains us. The challenges they face in paddling and portaging together foster a sense of connectedness and self-trust that will be invaluable in navigating the complexities of their path to manhood in the future. By facing these challenges in a space we facilitate for openness, authenticity and brotherhood, they will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and belonging, armed with a deeper understanding of their place in the vast web of life. This experience will provide appropriate challenge, deep satisfaction, connection to the natural world and an experience with peers and positive male role models that will set a powerful tone for the man they want to become!





The Boundary Waters is a sacred and pristine wilderness area located in the northern forests of Minnesota and Ontario. Its rugged terrain, diverse wildlife, and clear, clean waters make it a revered destination. For centuries, the Ojibwe people have called this land home, passing down their traditional knowledge and wisdom. Today, the Boundary Waters remains a symbol of the enduring power and beauty of the natural world, reminding us of our responsibility to protect and honor it for generations to come.




Canoeing: proper paddling and maneuvering techniques.

Navigation: reading maps and using a compass.

Camping: setting up camp and cooking meals.

Portaging: carrying gear overland between lakes.

Fishing: catching and cleaning fish for meals

Fire-making: starting and maintaining fires.

Group dynamics: Working effectively as a team and building trust and rapport with others.

Leadership:  How to lead other young men through a diverse environment.



Day 1 (Sep 8th):
* Arrive at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) by 12pm.
* Drive 4 hours to BWCA
* Rent gear, get canoes, and prepare for the expedition.
* Camp on the entry point lake to test our gear and make final preparations for the trip.

Day 2-7 (Sep 9th- 13th):
* Set off on our Boundary Waters expedition.
* Paddle and portage through the pristine wilderness, exploring its lakes, rivers, and forests.
* Make our Passage through the BWCA.
* Connect with the land and with each other, deepening our reverence, grace, integrity, and gratitude.

Day 7 (Sep 14th):
* Exit the Boundary Waters in the morning.
* Return to Sawbill Canoe Outfitters to return gear
* Make Our Way Back to Minneapolis and Have Overnight Accomodations Fly out on Sept 15th anytime.





Trevor Spring:

Trevor is the founder of Sonz Youth, and a passionate mentor and advocate for young men's growth. With over two decades of experience in mentoring boys and training mentors, Trevor has devoted himself to supporting young men and guiding them towards self-discovery. he has honed his skills in fostering safe spaces for boys to face challenges and make meaningful connections. His journey has brought him to the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, where he resides as a 44-year-old father of four, finding joy in surfing, mountain expeditions, and making music around the fire with friends and family. Through Sonz Youth, Trevor offers a transformative experience for young men, creating a community where they can be accepted for who they are and receive the mentorship and support they need to navigate their journey to manhood.


Kevin Johnson


The Founder of Passage Expeditions, Kevin is a respected expedition leader, and a transformational coach with an impressive 12-year track record. He leads young men to their internal edges while navigating the wild external landscapes of the world. With wisdom and insight, Kevin facilitates transformative journeys of self-discovery and deep connection - drawing upon his profound relationship with the natural world. Guided by Kevin's strong presence, a profound bond with the earth is forged, leading to inner transformation and a harmonious connection with oneself and the awe-inspiring natural world. Through his guidance, young men embark on a life-changing expedition that leaves them forever changed and equipped to embrace their true selves with confidence and purpose.


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