Prepare Your Boy for Manhood

 In the last 20 years the mental health of teenage boys has declined dramatically while suicide, addiction and dysfunction have skyrocketed.  In the new Covid reality the stakes have only risen.  Our focus at Sonz Youth is to 'Support and celebrate the transition from boyhood to manhood'. 

Sonz Youth is an extension of the Sacred Sons Men's community where we offer transformational programs for men around the world.  The Sonz Youth community is made up of Families of all shapes, Men, Women and most importantly, Youth.

 Our virtual and in-person programs answer the core developmental needs of today's youth in a structure that keeps them engaged and connected, while sourcing good-willed mentors from the Sacred Son's men's community.


Positive Outcomes:

Your boy will learn to trust himself in his words and actions.

He will learn that it is helpful to express emotions and that it can build relationships.

Your boy will learn engaged compassion, communication and connection skills with peers and adults.

He will definitely get dirty, hike, play games, make art, hoot, holler and get as rowdy as needed.

Your boy will also learn the art and skill of quiet introspection in solo, group and natural environments. 


 October 13-16, 2022

This is for 7 generations before and 7 generations to come.


The Sonz Youth In-Person Adventures are contemporary rites of passage experiences for young men ages 11 to 19 years to mark and celebrate their steps toward manhood in community.  

Convergence 7 is the inter-generational bridge between the youth and the elders of our world. All stages of manhood will be represented at Convergence 7 from youth to elder.  For this special, first time event we will have a separate youth focused event within a men's convergence.

Your boy will have private access to hundreds of acres of forest and a pristine river. Where the Oaks and Rhododendrons converge in the Appalachian Mountains. We will be moved by the creeks and lakes, and grounded by the roots of the forest to honor those that came before us, show up for those that are with us, and celebrate for those ahead of us.


Scholarships are available!



Starting September 27, 2022

As boys face the inevitable challenges they will encounter on their journey to manhood, it is essential that they have a safe haven to process it all.  Somewhere to take their curiosity, defeat, rage, confusion or joy.  Most young men have never experienced a sincere group of boys or men expressing themselves honestly and discussing things that are sacred to them. 

In this 8-week sacred container  young men will experience cocreating a safe, sacred space to grow together, as men.

This is a group of 10-15 young men and 6 Mentors where we meet twice weekly over 8 weeks on Zoom to develop our understanding and embodiment of the foundational aspects of healthy masculinity.


Sonz Youth is a 1:1 Program

What that means is that we scholarship in 50% of the young men who participate in our programs.  For every family who can afford to pay, we welcome a family who cannot.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot afford our programs, apply for a scholarship here.

Apply for a Scholarship


The Quest Program

It's also crucial that young men have the consistency of connection with mentors and peers they deeply trust.  A safe haven, a reliable place that is always there, where everybody knows your name and is always glad you came.  A place where they're supported and accepted no matter what.  Can you imagine how this would have felt for you as a teen?

The Quest Program is that safe haven.  It's an ongoing container for all young men who have ever participated a virtual cohort.  We meet twice monthly for 90 minutes and continue to deepen and expand upon the themes foundational to healthy masculinity.

Has your son already completed one or more 8-Week Virtual Cohort?  This is the place to set him up.


This includes two 90 minute Monthly Virtual calls for Young Men and a Bi-Monthly Parent's Night call.